Dig These Roots

Our story begins with rising dough and sweet mixtures of butter, cinnamon and sugar. Terri became the first baker of Isles Bun & Coffee in 1993; creating a warm and inviting place where you can watch the baking unfold right in front of you. Isles Bun & Coffee changed hands in 2000, and ever since Jeff and Catherine have owned this Uptown gem.

Children grow up eating Puppy Dog Tails and neighbors who move away still stop by to visit. We are proud to be part of so many daily rituals and walks around Lake of the Isles.

Uptown Moxy

Located at the intersection of 28th street and Hennepin Ave, we sit in the heart of Uptown. The building is from an earlier time when the streetcar ran down Hennepin and West High School stood proud across the street. When you walk in the from door you get that feeling of history, and you are able to relax just a bit knowing that at this moment the only thing you have to worry about is how much frosting to put on your bun.

Made with love

We use real butter, eggs and sugar in our baking. We don’t mess around with modified food starch, high fructose corn syrup or mono sodium gluta-whatever. Grandma knew what tasted good, and we do too. Although, just between you and me, we do have one secret ingredient…TLC is added to preserve freshness and enhance flavor…shhh, don’t tell.

Fun-Loving Crew

A huge part of what defines Isles Bun & Coffee is our incredible staff. We’ve got bakers who build can from scratch and baristas who want to know your name. Isles is a place where people come to take a load off. We embrace this attitude and invite you to do the same.